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the tardis 
I've got it bad guys, and by it I mean I have a bad case of The Avengers fangirling.

I freaking LOVED this movie you guys.  I've always been a fan of the superhero movie genre, not fannish in a fandom way but I have always enjoyed everything from Superman, Spider Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor...well you get the gist.  I dig them! Good, Bad and in between it's good old fashioned popcorn movie fun.  I knew I was going to enjoy The Avengers for more than just the superheroes, this was a Joss joint...how could I not?  I knew he would break my heart at some point because that's how he rolls but I knew he would have me emotionally invested in these characters.  I was not prepared for how much though!


Full disclosure.  I have never read Marvel comics.  Anything I've learned and base my opinions on are 99.9% movie-verse Marvel and like .01% internet research.  So if there are any hard core comic fans out there I apologize if I get anything wrong.

Spoilers, rambling and probably a bunch of TL;DR behind the cut Collapse )
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OMG A POST!   It's been awhile (as usual) since I've checked in with the flist so I thought I would say hello and discuss/diagnose my fangirl problem.

Do I have PTFSD? (Post-Traumatic Fangirl Stress Disorder)Collapse )
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17th-Jan-2012 8:07 pm - I KNOW BETTER AND YET I STILL FLAIL
So yeah....The man, the myth, the unicorn.....Jamie Bamber has been added to the D*C guest list.

He's cancelled 3 times before so I pretty much know there's a slim chance of it actually happening yet here I am flailing like a ridiculous teenager. 

The squee factor is also cranked to 11 because Katee confirmed the other night on the Acting Outlaws chat that she's trying to come to Dragon*Con as well.  I MEAN REALLY PEOPLE.  MAYBE THE UNIVERSE WAS WAITING SO THEY WOULD BE DELIVERED TO OUR CON TOGETHER.   I can't even.  I have literally lost my ability to can tonight.

Thanks Dragon*Con, I will now obsessively click your website every frakking day for the next 8 months to see if the cancellation notices goes up.

Until then this is me (and scifishipper )

Photobucket Photobucket
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I didn't expect it to happen.  Hell, I didn't even WANT it to happen.  BUT IT HAPPENED.   I have fangirly FEELINGS for Doctor Who.  The kind of feelings where you can't wait to run out and watch everything that everyone who has been on the show has ever done.  The kind of feelings where you want to read all the fanfic and look at all the icons and save all the gifs.  You guys, these are the feelings I have.  Don't get me wrong, nothing will replace BSG in my heart of hearts and it will always be the stick by which I measure all my fangirly endeavors but I truly fell in love with these characters in a very similar fashion and I have no regrets.

The thing that strikes me so much about what I feel is that this show is very "family friendly" in very many ways.  I could easily sit down and watch Doctor Who with just about anyone and there would be something for everyone to enjoy. Going in I really didn't think I would get so emotionally involved because it was about aliens and what not (also how I felt about Farscape too) but in the end Doctor Who took up residency right next door to BSG in my heart.  WHO KNEW? I blame Dragon*Con for this rabid fangirlishness.  If the registration line had moved quicker my girls never would have convinced me to watch.  So thank you D*C, you are officially a life ruiner (as if it wasn't already).

The following cuts are ridiculously gif / Susan's rambling and wordy thoughts heavy.  No really...I'm not lying.  I just couldn't decide what to add and leave out so I included them all with NO REGRETS.  Please continue to love me anyway.

ETA:  SPOILER HEAVY.  If you haven't watched the show and are planning to then you should run away now but DEFINITELY come back once you have and flail!  You won't regret it.  I promise!

S1 / Nine - Getting to know you! Getting to know all about you!Collapse )
S2 - TEN - "Oh Doctor, MY DOCTOR!"Collapse )
S3 - More Ten! "Introducing the flawless Martha Jones and the scariest villians ever"Collapse )

S4 - Ten's End "My favorite companion and Oh God, please don't leave me Tennant"Collapse )

OK people, I have about 100 other gifs I want to use so let's turn this into a WHO appreciation post. SHOW ME ALL THE THINGS, LINK ME TO ALL THE FANFIC, TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE THINGS, MAKE ME THE BEST DOCTOR WHO FANGIRL I CAN BE. I BEG YOU. 

PS....I will do a separate Season 5/6 appreciation post later this week because I really love Eleven and The Ponds (THE PONDS YOU GUYS....SO PRESH) and of course the ultimate HBIC...RIVER SONG.  They deserve their own lovefest.  I will bring it!
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23rd-Sep-2011 12:27 am - Fic: "Truth and Promises"
Fic:  Truth and Promises
Pairing:  K/L
Rating:  PG
Setting:  AU ending for Daybreak Part 2
Summary:  Kara fulfilled her destiny but before she leaves Lee needs to learn the truth.
Note:  This fic was born at Dragon*Con 2011 during a great conversation about the BSG finale.  This was what I wished for Kara and Lee.  In case this is my first and only fic I want to make sure I thank the village it took to make this happen.  Thank you to scifishipper for listening to me and enjoying the idea enough to make me want to write it.  Thank you to ez_as_pi and thistleandfi who know me best and whose opinions/encouragement I needed the most to continue.  Last but certainly not least a big thank you to my super beta callmeonetrack who edited the frak out of me and got me focused.  Without her additions, advice and general handholding this fic would never have been fit for public consumption.  Thank you all for being great friends and amazing cheerleaders!  <3 <3 <3 <3

Read more...Collapse )
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11th-Jul-2011 6:59 pm - Movie Night - Week 1
We had a tie but I used my vote to break it since that's how I roll.

WHEN:  FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2011 - 9:30PM EST

This movie is not on Netflix instant but callmeonetrack has the dvd and is going to hook us up.  As soon as its available I will update this post and let you guys know via twitter when it pops up.  So grab your shoulder padded jackets and drain cleaner and come back on Friday! 
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8th-Jul-2011 12:54 pm - Movie Night - Suggestion Post!
The people have spoken!  Well 10 of you anyway ;)

According to the poll results the first movie night will be in ONE WEEK!

When:  Friday - July 15, 2011 
Time:  TBD but after 9pm EST

Now its time to pick a movie!  Comment below with up to 3 movies you would like to group watch/live blog.  The more movies you can find streaming on Netflix or have alternative methods for watching the better.  Go forth and suggest and on Sunday I'll put up a voting post and we'll pick the first movie. 

Feel free to invite other people too, I know my f-list is smaller than most of yours but I'm going to make all the movie night posts public.  Also, someone come up with a catchy name for our group. :D
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Class is back in session and I have a confession to make.  At the end of my first Awesome 80's post about John Hughes movies I said I would move on to other teen classics but I lied.  It's really only right I move on to my next favorite genre of 80's movies. MUSIC AND DANCE. 

Movies of the 80's didn't just provide us with catchy soundtracks...they gave us anthems. Songs that became so familiar that when you hear them you instantly go back to watching that movie and falling in love with the story and characters all over again. I can remember spending afternoons with my friends in the living room with all the furniture pushed to the walls so that we could practice dancing like the kids in these movies. Younger me dreamed of going to high school where my classmates and I would break out into songs and dance numbers. Sadly it never happened but I still love watching these movies over and over so let's do this!

This list begins with my two favorite 80's music and dance movies!Collapse )
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GUYS!  Watch this, share with your kids, your loved ones and anyone else who needs to smile.  This is clearly the best thing to ever grace an ad campaign. 

Did y'all just die from the adorableness?  THE ENDING AND LITTLE BB DARTH ALL "OMG THE FORCE I HAZ IT".  <3 <3 <3

Well played VW....WELL PLAYED.
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If you’re following me on twitter then you know I’m a fan of movies/tv/pop culture of the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  I love all the bad clothes, bad hair, cheesy music and excellent slang.  Sadly there are a few of you on the flist who were just wee little babies during this epic decade.  I am tired of hearing “I was only 3 when that came out”, “I saw it when I was 7 but i don’t remember it”, or Lex’s poor excuse “I didn’t live in your country or speak your language!”.  

An idea was born!  LJ posts about my favorite movies and why!  Well....school is in session kids.  It’s time to learn about the Totally Tubular 80’s and Wicked Dope 90’s.  Grab your seats and pay attention!

Awesome 80's 101 - The John Hughes PhenomenonCollapse )
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My first gig as hostess.  C'mon in and enjoy the punch and pie.  BRING YOUR GIFS OF TOTAL PILOT HOTNESS.


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Welcome to the party!

It's time to comment / discuss / flail / spaz on all things "Vows".

Episode info behind the cutCollapse )

Warning: This is going to be a real time discussion during the east coast airing of the episode so spoilers will be in the comments and copious amounts of Bamber and Penikett love and admiration!
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